Carbyne and Rio Grande Council of Governments Texas, Launch Industry-First Cloud-Native i3 911 Contact Center

On the fifty fourth anniversary of 911, history was once again made with the Nation’s first deployment of an i3 ESInet cloud-native call handling solution to five emergency communications centers in 2.5 days

Carbyne, the leading i3 cloud-native emergency contact center provider, has partnered with Rio Grande Council of Governments (RGCOG) in Texas to bring i3 cloud-native, NG911, omni-channel, contact center solutions live in five (5)  Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). Utilizing AT&T’s Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet) allows Carbyne to deliver one of the most reliable 911 contact center solutions available – one that is resilient against natural disasters and allows for 911 operations to continue, regardless of availability of the physical PSAP location.

This is the first time that i3, the technical specification by NENA (National Emergency Number Association) to enable next-generation 911 (NG911) capabilities is utilized with an ESInet, (Emergency Services IP Network) connection – which is the implementation of an IP-based network for handling emergency calls by public safety answering points (PSAPs) – in a cloud native solution.

Carbyne’s APEX provides live video (patented) and images from the caller, while enabling silent instant messaging, text to 9-1-1, IoT data aggregation and transcription. Further, it delivers caller location (AML, Device based and ANI/ALI) with pin-point accuracy for emergency and non-emergency calls (all in one screen) together with very powerful rich-data recording platform and analytics capabilities, making this the best technology available in emergency contact centers.

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“This significance of this launch, beginning in these extremely desert-heavy counties, means that first responders in remote areas can remedy a critical pain-point that has limited their capabilities for years – essentially trying to dispatch a team with inadequate situational awareness,” says Alex Dizengof, Carbyne’s CTO. “Our Carbyne APEX solution runs on an i3 Emergency Services IP Network, which directly addresses this challenge and replaces analog components of the past with satellite connectivity that works across county border lines, removing all obstacles and connecting PSAP call-takers directly to emergency situations.”

Five locations in Texas will now be able to experience Carbyne’s system offerings including Brewster, CulbersonHudspethPresidio, and City of Alpine. While the first use of this i3 Cloud-Native Carbyne APEX system took place at the City of Alpine Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) on February 14, 2022, implementation for the five subsequent locations was remarkably fast – being deployed in only two and a half days, on time and before the deadline.

For RGCOG, this would empower the PSAP to continue operations during any crisis. As time has surpassed the COVID phenomenon, we learned more about the need for a remote workforce, adopting quick changes and providing remote support; PSAP’s across the nation are struggling and are very under-staffed. With Carbyne’s APEX, you could execute a larger more capable call center, improve your call handling metrics significantly, respond quickly to natural disasters and receive updates and upgrades to your system at no additional cost.

“Many of the communities that the Rio Grande Council of Governments serves, face challenges related to population decline, workforce and economic development, and especially emergency communications.” said Annette Gutierrez, Executive Director, Rio Grande Council of Governments. “Our organization has been working diligently over the last several years in providing NEXTGEN 911 services. As a result, the Carbyne c-Live APEX product is the best solution to implement. The product will enable the PSAP Dispatcher to capture the audio and data to a single platform and allow for the essential information to get to their First Responders.”

The Honorable Cinderela Guevara of Presidio County Texas adds, “Presidio County, like its neighboring counties, covers sparsely populated areas that are large in their geography.  We are challenged daily with our 9-1-1 services. Our residents deserve the same kind of technology that urban communities are using. Through the implementation of Carbyne c-Live, we will now have the capability to ensure our residents are being taken care of.”

A large portion of the complexity Carbyne solves is to deliver advanced capabilities while maintaining industry-leading uptime. While popular applications like social networks and messaging apps can afford to be down momentarily, Carbyne’s solutions – which are used to manage emergencies – cannot. Carbyne’s infrastructure supports some of the most advanced technologies worldwide for critical emergency response that legacy infrastructure cannot match. Carbyne is partnered with tech giants including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to deliver a unique ecosystem of solutions while integrating advanced capabilities based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

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