Contentsquare Evolves into a Purpose-Driven Organization to help Advance Accessible and Sustainable Digital Transformation

Contentsquare, a global leader in Digital Experience Analytics, announced it has officially become a purpose-driven organization, cementing its commitment to fostering a more responsible digital landscape. In line with its vision of better online experiences for all, Contentsquare will focus on helping businesses deliver experiences that are accessible, inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable.

A step towards greater impact

This milestone marks a significant step in Contentsquare’s impact strategy, which was introduced in 2020 with key initiatives including the acquisition of assistive technology startup AdaptMyWeb. One year later, the company launched The Contentsquare Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting digital accessibility and building a more inclusive Web.

“We have chosen to go beyond our primary focus, which is to help companies improve the digital experience for their customers, in order to build a truly responsible business for a sustainable future,” said Jonathan Cherki, Founder and CEO of Contentsquare. “By officially becoming a purpose-driven company, we are doubling down on our commitment to proactively tackle some of the major challenges of our time, including digital accessibility, privacy, and the protection of the environment. This is not an endpoint in itself, but rather, a first step towards the positive change we wish to see in the digital world.”

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Clear and measurable objectives, overseen by a dedicated committee

As part of its mission, Contentsquare has articulated the following three social and environmental objectives:

  1. Enable a digital world which is accessible and inclusive to all
  2. Help customers reduce the environmental impact of their digital activities
  3. Build a trusted digital world by enhancing confidentiality, privacy, and protection of data on the internet

These commitments extend to all company stakeholders, including Contentsquare employees, partners, clients, and suppliers, across all countries where the company operates.

Introduced by the Pacte Law, which was enacted in France in 2019, the “mission-driven” status formally integrates social and environmental objectives into a company’s governance structure and into its bylaws. As a mission-driven company, Contentsquare will be subject to periodic evaluation by independent third parties to ensure compliance. It was also required to appoint a mission committee that included external stakeholders, a member of the board of directors, and an employee representative. The mission committee, which convened for the first time in February 2024, will play a crucial role in ensuring transparency and accountability as Contentsquare pursues its stated objectives.

“The mission committee will ensure that the commitments now enshrined in Contentsquare’s bylaws are duly adhered to and will help advise leaders on how to best align their actions with the requirements of the mission,” said Jack Azoulay, Contentsquare’s mission committee chair and former chief of staff at the Ministry of Ecological Transition and currently a partner at an environmental impact investment fund.

SOURCE: Contentsquare

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