Evisort Recognized as Market Leader in Spring 2022 Spend Matters SolutionMap for Procurement Technology Vendors

Contract intelligence platform again ranked highest in customer ratings across CLM solutions

Evisort, the no-code contract intelligence platform loved by legal, procurement, and sales operations teams worldwide, is recognized as one of the best customer procurement technology solutions providers in the Spend Matters® Spring 2022 SolutionMap benchmarking rankings. The company earned the highest customer ratings of any provider for small, medium and large enterprises.

SolutionMap ranks vendors based on the functionality and capability of their solutions, along with customer feedback. Hundreds of thousands of procurement professionals have consulted these rankings during their vendor selection process.

Evisort’s contract intelligence platform empowers procurement teams by digitizing the contracting process and transforming a company’s portfolio of contracts into actionable, searchable business data. Evisort’s proprietary AI allows teams to easily track key information, immediately answer questions about existing contracts, and strategically optimize new contracts.

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Spend Matters’ SolutionMap is known as one of the industry’s most rigorous, data-centric functionality assessment processes. It assesses several hundred data points across ten technology categories to pinpoint the actual capabilities of each participating vendor.

“Our customers are always at the heart of everything we do. To see the SolutionMap rankings recognize the benefit we bring to organizations and our excellent customer experience is extremely validating,” said Jerry Ting, CEO and co-founder of Evisort. “These rankings also reflect that our solution is scalable across businesses of all sizes. We’re continuing to innovate to provide the critical data and insights on which supply chain and procurement professionals rely for success.”

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