Introduces its Control Center for CX Managers, Adding New Features That Transform Customer Service Teams’ Capabilities

246 Inc., the US software company that provides a Customer Lifetime Platform for customer service teams in D2C companies, has added several new features that transform customer service teams’ capabilities Inc., the US software company that provides a Customer Lifetime Platform for customer service teams in D2C companies, has added several new features that transform customer service teams’ capabilities. As of today, Interai’s technology helped service teams to build a customer single pane of glass, consolidating all their admin and back-office systems – billing, orders, products, subscriptions, and more, using no integrations, APIs or dev efforts. This allows them to access all the customer’s information, policies, and offers from one platform empowering the service team to give effortless, personalized service that bolsters customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.

The new features added in 2022, which target CX managers, unlock powerful capabilities for service teams by providing managers with a self-serve Control Center:

  • Its first part is the ability for CX managers to create customer segmentation – customer profiles built of any mix of either existing customer attributes from any system or new (for example, LTV), e.g. Premium customers are those who purchased more than X products and have been with the company for more than Y years. This unlocks the first phase in turning service more personalized.
  • Its second part is the ability for managers to build business rules per customer segment – company policies, regulations, offers, promos, updates, and product releases that are tailored and relevant to the specific (group of) customer(s). These rules are built in an “if this – then that” format, and again can be composed of any mix of attributes from any existing system, e.g. an X days delay in delivery for Premium customers yields Y credits for future purchases. In addition, these rules can also include agent(s) traits and be segmented by tiers, geo-locations, etc. Those rules will be presented to the right agent, at the right time, in the right context, so every customer gets a truly personalized service.
  • Its third part is the ability to track rules compliance. Managers no longer need to juggle multiple communication channels to verify all agents got the memo, nor are needed to solely rely on retrospect QA to verify agents are following policy. Now, managers can track agent view and acknowledgement of relevant policies in the right context. This enables true CX strategy implementation.
  • Last but not least, managers can also track rules performance. By integrating CX metrics to Interai (e.g. CSAT), managers can see the effect and correlation between rule(s) and CSAT, and optimize by A/B testing. This enables moving from guesswork to actually optimizing CX strategy using real-time data.

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As of today, managers can build their CX strategy into every interaction, validate its proper implementation and thus the company’s highest standards, track and optimize its performance. For agents, there is no need to solely rely on memorization, manual look up of training materials, communications, and Knowledge Base, nor to juggle and make sense of the multiple systems holding scattered customer data.

Agents can now give efficient, consistent, and personalized service that is completely aligned with the company’s highest CX standards and is value-oriented. Adding value, gaining back the time previously lost on system juggling, and having tailored retention and upsell offers in hand enables agents to make the most of every interaction, and the org as a whole to prevent churn, generate revenue, increase CSAT, and boost customers lifetime value.

Per James Clear’s (author of “Atomic Habits”) “You optimize to what you measure”, using the new capabilities by Interai enables companies to truly transform their CX operations and success.

Quoting one of our Fortune 100 customers, “this [new feature set] would be amazing in the experience we wish to provide our customers with… will help us make sure our customers get the type of service they need, deserve, and expect, without the additional manpower [for QA], and that’s a huge return [ROI] right there… while also giving us the ability to get insights and direct our agents…”.

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