ISC-CX Partners with NEINVER Using Data-Driven CX Solutions to Optimize the Shopping Experience at Retail Outlet Centers

Europe’s second largest outlet operator taps ISC-CX for insights and training to respond to evolving retail customer expectations

ISC-CX, the leading provider of customer experience programs worldwide for over 20 years, announced that NEINVER S.A.U. selected ISC-CX as the digital customer experience company of choice to address the changing expectations of shoppers at approximately 1400 shops in NEINVER outlet centers in six countries. Since 2014, ISC-CX has designed and executed a program to collect and analyze NEINVER CX data in order to precisely measure and improve customer experience continuously. Beginning in 2022, the program will be enhanced overall.

ISC-CX utilizes its extensive teams on the ground around the world. During the last two years, ISC-CX has sped up product development, including investing in AI-powered data analysis technologies and global human capital as never before. The result has been large step-ups in the versions of all ISC-CX products, plus an upgraded reporting platform to compare CX programs within one brand.

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ISC-CX has always been in the coveted position of offering its clients flexibility, speed and confidentiality due to its proprietary technology,” said ISC-CX Chairman Reinhold Auer. “As shoppers have put health and safety as a top priority in their customer journeys, our technologies and programs capture and measure this CX element along with all the other elements that ensure evolving shopper expectations are met.”

NEINVER is a Spanish multinational company which manages, develops and invests in commercial and logistics properties. Founded in 1969, NEINVER manages 18 outlet centers and 5 retail parks, 1400 shop locations and more than 800 brands in six European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands. The company is the leading manager of outlet centers in Spain and Poland, and the second largest in Europe, with two proprietary brands: The Style Outlets and FACTORY.

ISC-CX is a leading provider of in-store and omni-channel customer experience analysis programs for global retailers based around the world. The multilingual, local teams on the ground in over 120 countries collect and analyze many millions of data sets per year. You can find client references and CX solutions at

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