Univerus has Acquired the Powerhouse B2B Marketing Agency TopTalent Communications

Univerus acquires TopTalent Communications

By purchasing an established marketing agency, Univerus is underlining its commitment to providing comprehensive business solutions for its customers. With TopTalent’s expertise in delivering services to vertical markets, the company makes an ideal partner for Univerus and will be able to satisfy its marketing needs for a wide breadth of projects.

As a former customer of TopTalent’s, Univerus recognized a synergetic relationship that quickly formed between the two executive teams. Univerus resolved to acquire the business and transform it into an in-house marketing department; something that most of its competitors don’t benefit from. TopTalent will be able to offer leading marketing services to Univerus, its current and future acquisitions as well as the customers of its Unity software solution.

“We speak to a lot of software businesses with excellent solutions who feel like marketing is a gap in their sales arsenal. In some cases, it’s something that is really holding them back,” comments Todd Lejeunesse, COO of Univerus.

“Fortunately, Univerus had the opportunity to foster our relationship with TopTalent over the last 18 months. We’re really excited to welcome them into the family and increase the value we provide to our business partnerships.”

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TopTalent is to be rebranded as Univerus Marketing, but will keep its existing professional team intact.

TopTalent Communications co-founder, Alexandra Corey, describes the benefits of the partnership: “In the past, TopTalent’s primary focus has been on providing marketing support for staffing and recruitment firms in North America and Europe. Becoming part of the Univerus group extends our reach into new vertical markets across every stretch of the globe.

“Univerus has an established customer base which represents a huge opportunity for us. Nearly each one requires marketing services, and we’re well positioned to deliver. In addition, the resources afforded by Univerus means we’ll have the ability to compete with bigger agencies for top tier clients.”

With an experienced marketing team now in place, website development as well as alternative marketing services are expected to become a major revenue stream for Univerus, in addition to bolstering its own brand positioning.

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