Klaviyo Releases New Features to Enhance Multi-Channel Communication

Customer platform introduces new email, SMS, and signup form offerings to help customers reach growth goals faster

Klaviyo, a unified customer platform, announced new features to help give brands more ownership over their growth by delivering exceptional customer experiences across all communication channels. Announced at the company’s latest Klaviyo Product Event, the new offerings enable brands to more easily build opted-in customer lists, launch SMS programs for marketing and support channels, gather insight into past performance, and communicate with customers across all channels. Additionally, the new offerings enable Klaviyo to be even more extensible by improving the ease with which developers can build on top of the platform.

“We’re here to empower the world’s creators to own their destinies, and are committed to regularly updating and further innovating our offerings to ensure businesses are able to meet their goals”

“We’re here to empower the world’s creators to own their destinies, and are committed to regularly updating and further innovating our offerings to ensure businesses are able to meet their goals” said Andrew Bialecki, co-founder and CEO of Klaviyo. “To support that mission, we’ve created software that makes it easy to scale and grow authentic relationships with customers online, the same as companies would in person. We’re excited to release even more features today to continue helping brands own and improve their customer relationships.”

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The new capabilities unveiled today include:

New Cross-Channel Communication Features:

  • Form teasers: A signup form that’s docked as an easy-to-find but unobtrusive tab in the corner of a site visitor’s screen that always appears at exactly the right time. This provides more opportunities to transform website visitors into subscribers.
  • Profile merging: A function that automatically merges separate “email only” and “phone number only” profiles for the same customer in Klaviyo—allowing for easier consent and list management.
  • Klaviyo-hosted mobile terms of service: Klaviyo now generates and hosts customizable mobile terms of service so brands can get up and running on SMS quickly and easily.
  • Two-way SMS conversations with Zendesk: This upcoming release will allow Klaviyo SMS customers with Zendesk to see and respond to incoming texts from customers as help desk tickets.
  • Webhook flow actions: This tool sends data via a webhook to a third-party platform at a specific point in a customer journey. Brands now can create more personalized experiences across channels that Klaviyo may not control, such as direct mail, as well as keep other systems up to date with all of their customer information.

Redesigned Performance Dashboard: This new dashboard compiles a customer’s data into a single view so businesses can spend more time making a plan of action and less time searching for insights. Klaviyo customers now have the final say as to what appears on their dashboard, allowing them to focus attention on the most important metrics and predicted analytics, while still having the ability to dive deeper into other areas of insights as needed.

A Dedicated Focus on Developers: To support Klaviyo’s mission of empowering creators to own their destinies, Klaviyo is investing in tools that will enable markets, partners and developers to build on top of Klaviyo’s platform. To achieve this, Klaviyo launched a developer portal that highlights ways of getting started, foundational APIs, guides, SDKs and developer-specific content so developers can easily extend Klaviyo to meet their needs. In addition to enhancing the developer experience, Klaviyo will release new APIs in the coming months to improve three core areas of the developer platform:

  • Extensibility and Flexibility to cover more product areas;
  • Standardization for ease of use; and
  • Connectivity to make APIs more intuitive and efficient.

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