Made For Freedom uses ActiveCampaign CXA to Create Over 15,000 Hours of Dignified Employment for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Using a combination of personal touch and automation, retailer provides 1:1 experiences for customers and connects volunteers with opportunities to support their mission

With the help of ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), Made for Freedom has turned countless customers into advocates and created more than 15,000 hours of dignified employment for survivors of human trafficking. Along with employing survivors, Made for Freedom sells unique clothing and accessories, donating 20% of each purchase to organizations that support victims and prevent future trafficking. Through the 1:1 experiences ActiveCampaign’s CXA enables, the company has been able to not only grow the business, but grow and connect their volunteer pipeline—a core mission of Made for Freedom.

“Our partners teach women not only to make the products we sell, but also how a business works and how to use their skills to help others. When women are empowered by employment and education, the cycle of vulnerability and extreme poverty can be broken for generations.”

In recognition of International Women’s Day and with more than 2.5 million people becoming victims of human trafficking every year, the founder Dawn Manske, continues her mission to end trafficking and provide survivors with dignified employment.

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With a combination of personal touch and automation, Dawn helps others get involved in supporting victims and preventing trafficking. Using ActiveCampaign, Dawn sends regular updates to her volunteer network, connects with new centers around the world, shares more information with potential volunteers, and reaches out to potential resellers with information about Made for Freedom. Dawn measures the success of her marketing by looking at how much each email supports her overall mission. Specifically, she tracks how effective her emails are in getting more volunteers and how effective her newsletters are in getting more survivors in these centers.

During the pandemic, Dawn pivoted her business and launched “Shop-in-Person” locations that took her business to the next level. Made for Freedom’s year-to-date income increased 12% after implementing CXA. But Made for Freedom isn’t alone. A recent report found that businesses using CXA expect to double their revenue in 2022 (growing by 100% over the next year), compared to the typical 3.5% growth seen from those using legacy email marketing, marketing automation and CRM tools.

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