Open4Sale Technology Ushers in the Future of Retail During Interactive Live Video and Live-Streaming Customer Experience

Open4Sale Technology, the only complete live video and live-streaming shopping experience from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, announced that its all-in-one, globally patented live-streaming and payment shopping app is set to take the retail industry by storm after a years-long conceptual phase that experienced incredible success with several U.S. retailers. During a live demonstration on Jan. 18, the app connected attendees in Manhattan to a Forever 21 store at South Coast Plaza in Calif., allowing them to watch, interact, discover, and purchase merchandise.

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“Online retail store sites are static and incredibly limited in providing a personalized shopping experience to customers, which results in an extraordinary loss of sales,” said Simon La Barrie, CEO and founder of Open4Sale Technology. “When you bring together video, live interaction, and integrated payment technology in one screen customers can see products, ask sales associates questions, and feel much more confident to make purchases.”

During the event, in-store associates used O4S Tech’s app to showcase merchandise available in the store while the app simultaneously displayed more information. Users could ask questions and add items to their shopping cart before checking out safely and securely.

“This app could have saved me the time and money I recently spent purchasing a couch online that was the wrong size, fabric, color, quality — nothing like how it was pictured on the website,” said Anita Lee, business owner of Le Chien Bleu NY. “Plus, I can shop anywhere in the world, including stores in China, where I’m from, which only adds to the personalized experience.”

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O4S Tech’s app merges online and in-store shopping experiences by combining live chat, video, streaming, and instant payments that integrate to existing retail POS and e-commerce back-end systems. It delivers greater visualization, creates loyal customers, and helps retailers turn profit in less time. The app has received U.S. and international patents and trademarks, with more filed in over 200 country jurisdictions, including Europe, and is compliant with U.S. and international banking regulations and global payments.

In 2008, the initial concept design won the first Australian New Innovation Award. In 2019, a proof-of-concept app called HelpJess included a worldwide social campaign and live event, where Nordstrom, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters reached hundreds of shoppers. In 2020, O4S Tech held its first flash sale with over 2,000 worldwide shoppers, producing $50,000 in revenue with zero returns in just 30 minutes.

After years of unwavering commitment and seed investors who believed in his vision, La Barrie confirmed the company is in its next round of funding that will scale the technology globally. Now all retailers will be able to open their stores up to allow customers to shop from anywhere.

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