SOCi Releases SOCi GeoRank, Provides Customers Competitor Insights to Boost Local Listings, Search Performance

SOCi Inc., the marketing platform for multi-location brands, has released a first-of-its-kind enhancement to the platform’s Listings solution, SOCi GeoRank. SOCi GeoRank boosts the power of brands’ local listings and search performance by giving multi-location marketers the ability to see a precise, geographical view of Google keyword rankings from specific points on the map as well as the ability to see ranking averages at the national or group level.

With one out of every two consumer searches now having local intent, how often a brand appears in Google’s top three local search results is more important than ever, especially considering that 78% of local searches result in an offline conversion. SOCi GeoRank gives brands a complete picture of their local search performance through an easily consumable, visual map display of how a brand’s locations are ranking against top local competitors at the hyper-local or block level in specific geographical areas, uncovering blind spots in SEO strategies by closely monitoring local keyword search performance.

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“Multi-location brands need to be able to monitor how well their locations rank in local search results to create a successful localized SEO strategy. Securing a top ranking for your business locations not only requires good SEO know-how and persistence, but a sophisticated toolset as well,” said Alo Sarv, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, SOCi. “SOCi GeoRank provides multi-location businesses a scalable way to not just check, but keep track of their local business rankings through the ability to see ranking averages and changes over time by target keyword at the hyper-local, group, or corporate level.”

SOCi GeoRank alongside SOCi Listings will help marketing teams improve their SEO strategy and search rankings. According to SOCi’s Top Ranking and Conversion Factors for Local Search research report, high ranking correlates to businesses success, with businesses ranked 1-3 in Google searches earning 126% more traffic and 93% more consumer engagements than businesses ranked further down.

“Given the rise of mobile search, it’s no longer enough to track the search performance of a business using a single data point for each keyword,” said Damian Rollison, Director of Market Insights, SOCi. “Google may show your location in the top results for a keyword when the consumer is a block or two away, but you may rank differently when the same search is conducted from a greater distance. Having a more detailed picture of your ranking profile across your territory, as well as knowing how your competitors are ranking at different points on the map, gives you a much more powerful and actionable picture of local search performance. The goal of a business should be to outrank the competition as broadly as possible within its target geography.”

With SOCi GeoRank, multi-location marketers can dive deeper into ranking insights to see competitors’ total reviews, average review scores, and Google Business Profile categories to further investigate how to make informed SEO decisions. To assist in making and acting on these decisions, SOCi provides professional services to help marketers execute on any campaign enhancements and actionable insights as directed by SOCi GeoRank, minimizing the burden on its customers.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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