Telia Company Partners with Celonis to Accelerate Digital Transformation for Improved Customer Experiences and Efficiency

Celonis, the global leader in execution management and creator of process mining, announced that it is partnering with Telia Company, the leading Nordic and Baltic digital communications company, to accelerate simplification, digitization and automation. More than ever, service providers like Telia play a critical role in connecting people and businesses to the world.

Telia leverages the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) to gain visibility and transparency on process variants that impact efficiency, with the goal to drive innovation, become more agile, simplify operations and improve the customer experience. Telia executes one of the industry’s most ambitious digital transformations and one key priority in this transformation is the simplification, automation, and analytically driven augmentation of its customer and internal processes.

In this partnership, Telia also works with Celonis to set up the Telia Center of Process Excellence (CoPE) to apply the increased visibility and efficiency to more use cases. The Telia CoPE combines practical process excellence and automation expertise, professional services and value advisory, a dedicated product engineering team, and a dedicated support team.

By jointly driving a common roadmap, both companies are spearheading innovations within analytics and automation. With insights from the Telia CoPE, Celonis will be able to pioneer new use cases in the telco, media, and ICT services domain and create value-adding digital solutions as a result of this partnership.

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Dr. Rainer Deutschmann, Group Chief Operating Officer at Telia Company, commented: “Process simplification, digitization, automation and analytical augmentation are key to a lean and agile Telia. We have laid a solid foundation in the first year of our transformation, delivering on our top and bottom line targets and engaging our talent for a continuous improvement of customer experience. Celonis’ will provide us with full visibility and a data-driven execution approach in our drive towards process excellence as a key enabler. Our strategic and transformative partnership enables us to identify and fix pain points for our customers and operations. We are building out our capability to continuously design, deploy, execute and monitor processes and intelligent automations – leading to harmonized processes and simpler customer journeys, with reduced error rate, freed up time and faster innovations, at lower costs.”

Bastian Nominacher, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis, said: “We’re thrilled to be contributing to Telia achieving the goals within its impressive transformation. Telia’s digital reinvention shows that business process optimization and intelligent execution are indispensable levers of transformation. We’re immensely proud of the joint work we are doing together to simplify Telia’s operations and processes, and helping it evolve into a faster, more digital and agile company. We will work with Telia on joint roadmap development and leverage best-in-class technology from our digital ecosystem. Together we will create something truly aspirational – transforming a leading regional Telco’s to a data-driven organization, leveraging automation, machine learning and analytics. We’re excited to see even more of Telia’s operational, customer and sustainability breakthroughs in the future.”

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