Knock® CRM Launches KnockNetwork Partner Program

Program is designed to support partner growth, ensure best-in-class mutual customer experience

Knock® CRM, the leading performance management platform and CRM for multifamily property owners and managers, announced its KnockNetwork partner program, which is designed to support partner growth and ensure a best-in-class mutual customer user experience (UX). The program features three different partnership tiers, KnockStandard, KnockPremium and KnockElite, to allow a wide variety and number of companies to participate. KnockNetwork is designed to foster an open and connected ecosystem for Knock partners in the U.S.

KnockNetwork supports independent software vendors and fosters ecosystems to provide more holistic solutions to customers, addressing critical complementary functions as well as driving lead-generating strategies to support mutual revenue growth.

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“KnockNetwork opens the door for partners to build deeper and more meaningful connections to our technology and customer base,” said Demetri Themelis, Knock CRM CEO and co-founder. “Our goal is to create a seamless integration and best-in-class customer user experience, and create growth opportunities for our partners.”

The program’s three tiers, KnockStandard, KnockPremium and KnockElite, offer a variety of different benefits and feature different eligibility requirements. The KnockStandard level is for all partners that wish to integrate with Knock’s platform through the company’s open APIs. This standard integration provides basic access to Knock’s ecosystem. KnockPremium is for all integrated and non-integrated partners that wish to join Knock’s ecosystem and share lead-generation practices. This level is equipped with a strategic marketing package, includes mutually agreed upon benefits and comes with a dedicated manager to develop an annual co-branded marketing plan. KnockElite is for partners who want to build a “better together” message, and focuses on increasing revenue through lead-generation practices on a larger scale. This partnership level comes with the highest marketing package tier and a dedicated manager to develop and deploy a strategic business plan. Companies participating in this level are engaged early in the development process to ensure the smoothest integration or workflow possible.

Partners can access the program through a portal on Knock’s website, where they can access support, update logos and enter referrals.

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