The Role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Marketing


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology that helps businesses manage and strengthen relationships with their customers. CRM is a set of applications that you can use to manage everything that concerns your customers such as customer databases, customer interactions, customer leads, and customer satisfaction.

CRM is a useful tool for the promotion and sale of any product or idea. It is an important component when it comes to making a digital marketing campaign successful.

Some business owners make the mistake of using it as a standalone solution whereas CRM is a comprehensive marketing strategy.  This is why it is important to understand the role of CRM in marketing. Understanding its role can help your business to market your products and grow your customer base.

4 Things That Make CRM Important For Marketing

Using technology to solve all the issues of your customer is a good accelerant for your business. Thus understanding the needs of your customer can make a huge difference in the services that you provide. So, here are four things that make customer relationship management software play a significant role in marketing.

Customer Experience

Improving your customer relationships is important to improve sales. A happy customer is the one who keeps returning to you for more and this helps your business grow. But what makes a customer come back to you to make more purchases? The answer is customer experience.

Overall, CRM has proven to be highly beneficial for businesses as a whole. A CRM system can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and drive sales, but it’s the human touch that makes a difference in the customer experience. “Real people, building real relationships – that’s what matters most for brands that want to grow their reputation and get repeat business.” — Craig Cockburn from ServiceForge.

For providing the best experience to your customer, it is important to stay in touch with them. This can help your customer to come back to you for more information which increases your trust in them.

Customer Relationship Management Another way to enhance the customer experience is by providing unlimited support to your customers. With respect to that, using CRM software will help you to streamline the queries solving process of your customer. Every query of customers is logged into the central system which has online access. You can cater to all the needs of your customers by suggesting FAQs, providing necessary links to useful self-help resources, and solving the queries requested by the customers.

CRM lets you have all this information about your target audience to streamline the customer service process. It provides you with data about what your audience is looking for via a CRM system and helps you deliver the same.

Increases customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is highly important in a business. It may take some time to build it but once you gain loyal customers your business will bloom. Earning a customer’s loyalty makes it easier to communicate with them. Loyal customers are also more likely to respond to your CTA. But how does CRM help in increasing customer loyalty?

A Customer Relationship Management system helps you engage new customers more effectively by maintaining better customer relations management. This way you can gain customers that visit your website or click on your ads.

Your customers can also trust you when you respond to their requests quickly. SuperOffice says that 62% of surveyed companies have not responded to the customer support emails and their response time somewhat has an average of more than 12 hours. It becomes a disadvantage for such companies who are responding in time and losing the opportunity to retain those customers.

Therefore, keeping your customer in priority and listening to their needs help you improve or understand your customer better. To satisfy all these things customer relationship management software is needed.

Customer engagement

Consumer experience, customer loyalty, and customer engagement are key elements in making branding initiatives. With CRM you can implement your brand and your products/services deeper into the lives of your customers. A CRM software can efficiently help you with better and deeper customer engagement. The more a customer or new customers engage with your business, the easier it becomes to earn their loyalty. CRM software offers easy means of interaction with your customers while simultaneously facilitating an ongoing conversation.

Customer relationship management software and tools can elevate your marketing in several ways. Customers prefer a business that treats them well and treating them well requires a proper and automated system and CRM software and tools give you just that. It makes managing individual relationships much easier and creates a positive channel for your business to attract more customers.

Customer Relationship Management

For instance, monitoring your customer and understanding their behavior will help you understand their interest and your customers. Examples of Hulu and Netflix can be taken into consideration in this. These companies use data, technology, and behavior to modify their content according to their customers. Therefore, measuring the engagement of consumers plays a vital role in the field of marketing.

Finding Your Targeted Customers

In order to market your products and services, you need to figure out your target audience. People who are truly interested in your services which will make your business profitable. There is no doubt in the idea that your target audience belongs to the smallest subsection of the entire market but segmenting them will help you get a direction to your business.

There are specific aspects to having a solid direction which can be crafting personalized messages for your customers, focusing on the value that your services will cater to, and obviously reaching out to the appropriate customers. Hence, CRM tools assist with all these tasks and make the work easier.


In a nutshell, the role of customer relationship management (CRM) in marketing is to be in service for the customer. Its final objective is to unify the data and improve the services provided to the customer. All departments like sales and marketing can come together to have a single approach that can eventually lead to the company’s success.

For any organization, using CRM tools will help them understand their customer more closely, noting all the feedback received and working on the same. So, if you want to take your business to great heights, then build up a loyal relationship with your customers and navigate accordingly.

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