Sendlane Unifies Email and SMS/MMS Capabilities to Create Comprehensive Marketing Automation Suite

The new suite more tightly integrates SMS/MMS into Sendlane’s platform, giving eCommerce marketers a wider array of tools for engaging shoppers

 Sendlane, a customer experience-focused marketing automation solution for eCommerce brands, has upgraded its suite of SMS/MMS campaign management tools. The new suite is tightly integrated with Sendlane’s platform and includes a robust set of tools for coordinating, communicating and tracking SMS and MMS-based campaigns to shoppers.

Email marketing continues to be the dominant form of digital campaigns, but SMS (for texting) and MMS (for sending multimedia messages via text) have become more important in the past few years as conversational marketing becomes more prevalent. Most B2C marketers today are seeing a direct increase in revenue and LTV of customers when they use email and SMS/MMS together. In fact, nearly a quarter of eCommerce marketers responding to a recent Sendlane survey said merchants should incorporate SMS and MMS into their marketing campaign mix in 2022.

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Sendlane’s new SMS/MMS suite includes a variety of advanced features. For example, marketers can now use Sendlane to send bulk messages via SMS and MMS. They can also add automatic tracking, personalization, images and emojis to SMS and MMS messages along with automatic link shortening. A two-way reply center allows marketers to communicate with customers who respond to SMS/MMS messages, and all SMS/MMS campaigns and communications can be recorded, tracked and viewed for up to 30 days in a dedicated space in the Sendlane platform.

The new SMS/MMS suite is available to Sendlane customers immediately in a usage-based pricing model. More info about the tools and how eCommerce marketers can use them to create and manage compelling SMS and MMS-based campaigns can be found here.

“Having a unified tech stack across email and SMS/MMS is the key to creating optimal customer experiences,” said Eszter Dory, Marketing Manager at T-Rex Truck Products. “With Sendlane we’re able to engage every customer at the right time in their journey using the tool that makes the most sense for them. If your goal as a marketer is to build strong relationships by providing the information customers need when and how they need it, Sendlane is the system for you.”

“The new suite is a great opportunity for Sendlane customers to make SMS and MMS a central part of their digital marketing campaign strategies,” said Jimmy Kim, Co-founder and CEO of Sendlane. “With tools that make it easier to create, send and track highly personalized messages to mobile shoppers, eCommerce marketers can connect to customers wherever they are and whenever they want to shop.”

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