Commerce Canal Establishes Partnership With Streaming Service Advertiser Vibe

Global eCommerce agency Commerce Canal officially announced an innovative partnership with, a CTV platform providing targeted advertising solutions on hundreds of premium streaming services and TV channels. With over 2,000 brand partners, Vibe has a proven track record of increasing web impressions, website visits, revenue, and overall brand awareness, while maintaining a solid ROAS.

Working with Vibe is an easy choice for both awareness and performance-focused brands looking for impactful channel diversification: as of 2024, 94% of US households have at least one connected device. Also, streaming TV viewership numbers have officially passed cable’s last year, making it the most widely consumed medium in America today.

CTV advertising with seamlessly merges the best attributes of TV, including massive reach, unskippable ads, premium inventory, the immersive experience of the big screen, and an established trust in well-known brands, with the agility and precision of digital advertising. This synergy empowers advertisers to captivate audiences in ways previously unimaginable, bridging the gap between the familiar comfort of television viewing and the interactive potential of digital platforms.

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Thanks to this new partnership, Commerce Canal‘s clients can now reach 120 million households nationwide and deliver ads on 500+ streaming services and TV apps like Pluto TV, Roku, Fubo, Tubi, USA, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, ESPN, the NBA App, the NHL App, the MLB App, and the NFL App. On the performance side, Vibe offers hundreds of customizable targeted (and retargeted) demographics and, real-time reporting that can integrate with Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager including web traffic, lead generation, purchases, and conversions.

“eCommerce brands are one of our fastest growing client verticals and we can’t wait to open the world of streaming TV advertising to Commerce Canal’s vast client roster. The sky’s the limit,” says Zak Tseytlin, Director of eCommerce at Vibe.

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Vibe, a platform whose innovative advertising solutions across the largest streaming services and TV channels align perfectly with our mission to drive unparalleled growth for our client brands,” says Ryan Craver, CEO of Commerce Canal. “Leveraging Vibe’s extensive network of over 2,000 brand partners and their track record of enhancing brand visibility, website traffic, and conversions, we see this collaboration as a pivotal step towards achieving exceptional return on ad spend and elevating our clients’ success in the digital landscape.”


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