Expands Global Footprint With The Launch Of Local Operations In The UK With Leadership Expansion, a pioneer in the data-driven video space, proudly announces the commencement of its local operations in the UK. This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone for the company, solidifying its standing as a global leader in video personalisation.

Decoding Video Personalisation

When was the last time you thought a brand truly understood you during your customer journey? Despite heavy investments in first-party data, opt-ins, and CRMs, customer engagement is at an all-time low. However, personalisation has emerged as a powerful solution to this challenge.

Personalisation, the practice of tailoring products, services, or experiences specifically to meet individual needs, has found a strong place in modern marketing, allowing companies to deliver personalised & data-driven experiences at scale and automatically driving CX and better ROI. The major benefits of personalised content are higher engagement rates, increased conversion rates, enhanced customer or member satisfaction, higher customer retention, and more effective use of marketing resources. Other than these, personalisation helps companies generate a remarkable 40% more revenue, as per McKinsey. Personalisation has scope for application in all forms of content, from emails and mobile apps or web-based push notifications to ads on social media platforms and videos.

Driving Loyalty and Conversions

Personalised video is a powerful tool that combines the engaging nature of video with the advantages of personalisation. Personalised videos cater to viewers’ individual preferences, fostering a sense of connection and relevance. This approach enhances engagement and attention and creates an exclusive experience, leading to higher conversions, increased brand interaction time, and better engagement. Leveraging personalisation technologies and CRM data empowers businesses to craft impactful personalised videos, yielding tangible results.

Also Read: Sinclair and Futuri Announce Strategic Partnership to Innovate Television Sales with AI Technology’s Feats in Video Personalisation is pioneering the data-driven video category to empower brands to drive loyalty, anti-churn, retention, and acquisition through personalised, immersive video communications proven to improve conversions and engagement. The company understands that despite the abundance of CRM data, particularly across loyalty and member programs viz., American Express, Tesco Clubcard, and similar services, personalisation typically remains limited to ‘flat’ email experiences and basic, templatised images across CRM campaigns.

Realising this gap, ensures that every recipient gets a unique video tailored specifically to them in elements such as first names, purchasing behaviour, geography, product images, promos, and so on. With its proprietary technology, the company has built a world-class rendering engine to support campaigns of any size and scale that can deliver millions of unique videos within hours.

One of’s impressive accomplishments in the field of video personalisation is the personalised video campaign for Lars Mytting’s book Skråpånatta, which delivered 7x CTR than was projected by ARK Bokhandel, Norway’s largest bookstore chain. The video had author Mytting greeting the receivers by name while introducing the final addition to the Hekne trilogy. In another case, created a personalised video for SOS Children’s Villages to raise money for the children and young people affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. In these videos, the thumbnail was also personalised with an image of the video’s speaker holding a card with the recipient’s name. It generated a 2.3X higher ROI and garnered 70% more donations than the non-personalised version of the video.

Other notable companies, including AC Milan, LVMH, and Nespresso, have also leveraged’s expertise in video personalisation to amplify the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

From the Nordics to Navigating the UK Landscape

The UK has been seeing a rise in personalisation efforts by companies, such as Unilever ice cream brand Unicornetto’s award-winning social video ad campaign, the length of which was personalised based on consumer behaviour. The region is ripe with opportunities that intends to tap into with its recent move. has already formed partnerships with several reputed brands in the UK’s retail, sports, and politics industries.


Established in Oslo, Norway, in 2017 with a commitment to revolutionise customer journeys with personalised data-driven video, has quickly become a trailblazer in its market. The company has seen prominent growth in recent years and boasts a clientele with enterprise customers in over 20 markets worldwide, including leading cloud providers and the largest brands in charity, politics, and luxury, as well as top Serie A, Premier League, and MLB teams.’s marketing technology comprises fully automated solutions to boost digital customer engagement and elevate employee journeys through unique and tailored video experiences. Its mission is to enable brands to create data-driven video – immersive and cinematic – that goes far beyond templated, text-based emails and first-name-personalisation. Its best-in-class rendering engine creates videos that empower brands to:

  1. Personalise the video using CRM data-points
  2. Easily integrate with the existing tech stack and workflows
  3. Swap any imagery (including products), text & messaging based on the individual
  4. And most importantly, gives every receiver a unique video tailored exclusively to them

Here’s a simple analogy explaining how’s video personalisation works:

  • Think about a video as a carefully crafted story, where every scene is tailored to fit a brand’s audience perfectly.
  • can craft a personalised movie with each viewer as the protagonist and their preferences dictating the plot.
  • With CRM data as the script, creates a blockbuster tailored to each individual.
  • It’s like Netflix, but instead of binge-watching, customers binge-engage with the brand!

The possibilities of this are endless. can do all of it, right from incorporating tailored graphics and images to seamlessly swapping clips and adding captivating VFX, to make a relevant personalised video for the viewer in real-time at any scale.

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