Cadent Aperture Enables Programmatic Guaranteed Bidding Across Addressable Linear and CTV

Advanced TV advertising leader enhances ad enablement and self-service marketplace

Cadent, the largest independent platform for advanced TV advertising, announced a new feature within Cadent Aperture Platform which will enable programmatic guaranteed bidding for addressable TV and connected TV (CTV) across set top boxes (STB), smart TVs, mobile devices, and desktop applications on inventory distributed by publishers.

This solution improves monetization for publishers by increasing both demand and flexibility, while facilitating the TV ecosystem’s migration from existing, highly manual, and time-consuming direct sales processes toward a self-service marketplace for advertisers. Aperture Platform allows inventory owners to intelligently place addressable ads using historical data. This enables Cadent’s clients to:

  • Maximize yield across both scheduled and addressable ads on same networks
  • Associate audience segments with households via Aperture Viewer Graph for CTV and addressable TV planning
  • Forecast available inventory for programmatic guaranteed OTT/CTV, Video on Demand (VOD), and addressable TV deals to predict future market pressure trends
  • Manage delivery of directly sold addressable TV campaigns against programmatic guaranteed demand

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The solution works across all inventory types including programmatic linear TV, as well as On Demand and linear TV via private marketplace.

“Streamlining the process of ad enablement using Cadent Aperture Platform – supported by a user-friendly self-service marketplace – allows both the supply and demand-sides of TV advertising to take advantage of the next generation of solutions within the advanced TV landscape,” said Eoin Townsend, Chief Product Officer, Cadent. “We are constantly looking to evolve our solutions to manage inventory in the most efficient, effective way possible. Aperture continues to unify the needs of ad buyers and publishers in an open, accessible marketplace, now with greater flexibility and sophistication.”

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