MarTech360’S Weekly News Roundup With Quickplay, Evergent, PR Newswire, Harmonic And More!

Here is MarTech360’s weekly roundup of the top news from global markets. In this fast-paced world, breaking down information helps readers grasp the nuances that follow the news.

Top 10 News from this Week

Quickplay teams with google cloud to unlock the power of generative AI

The latest breakthrough in Quickplay’s multi-year collaboration with Google Cloud leverages defining characteristics of the Quickplay platform – single tenant, cloud-native, microservices, and API-driven – architecture.  When combined with Google Cloud Vertex AI, using simple API integrations, the Quickplay platform immediately enables multiple media and customer use cases, including deep metadata, content discovery, personalization, content creation, process automation, and multi-channel monetization.

Evergent Enhances Captivate Product Suite with Artificial Intelligence for Payment Recovery and…

Evergent, a customer management and monetization leader for streaming and digital subscription businesses, announced the integration of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools into its Captivate Product Suite for payment recovery and proactive churn management. The new AI-backed Captivate Smart tools allow enterprises with subscription models to analyze and enact intelligent payment retries, leading to reduced payment failure and an improved customer experience.

Harmonic Enables Best-of-Breed Ad Tech with Google and Equativ

Interview of the Week

MarTech360 Interview With Vibhor Kapoor, President At AdRoll

My professional journey has been quite thrilling. Before joining AdRoll, I had the honor of working in a variety of executive positions throughout the marketing and technology industries including my time as a Senior Director in Adobe’s Digital Media Business and as a Vice President of Marketing at Box. With prior roles at Microsoft and General Electric, I led businesses and teams through cycles of industry transformation spanning cloud, ecommerce and digital design. I have developed a thorough understanding of how to drive growth and innovation thanks to my previous work experience.

In February 2022, when I became the Chief Marketing Officer of AdRoll, a division of NextRoll, as a result of my experience, I was able to make an immediate impression thanks to my leadership skills and growth-focused vision. Nearly a year later, I took on the role of Chief Revenue Officer, along with my duties as CMO, and that same year, AdRoll more than doubled its platform SaaS revenue and brought innovations to market to help digital marketers succeed.

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