Meltwater launches content creator program for Communications, Marketing and PR professionals

Meltwater, a global leader in consumer, media and social intelligence, announced the launch of #ExpertsWithInsights, a content creator program designed to cultivate a community of thought leaders and serve as a hub for industry insights in the PR, communications, and marketing fields. The program provides a dedicated platform for knowledge sharing, enhanced community learning and supporting marketers and communicators in developing their thought leadership.

The program is part of mCommunity, Meltwater’s customer community where communications professionals can connect, learn, and inspire each other. To facilitate enhanced learning, #ExpertsWithInsights offers a formal way for participants, beyond Meltwater customers, to share their expertise in various formats.

Participants in the program will enjoy a range of benefits, including the opportunity to create thought leadership content and gain external recognition as industry authorities. Additionally, experts can build a following, develop relationships, and expand their professional networks. Sharing knowledge with an established audience will further enhance their personal brands and solidify their positions as industry experts.

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The program provides multiple avenues for experts to showcase their expertise including:

  • Content Creation: Writing posts or recording videos on industry topics, use cases, or product tutorials.
  • Expert Exchange Podcast: Leading panel discussions, sharing educational presentations, or discussing expertise and use cases on the podcast.
  • In-Person Meetups: Leading meetups at one of Meltwater’s 50 global offices as part of the Chapter’s meetup initiative.
  • Virtual Workshops: Running workshops that will be recorded and added to Meltwater Academy, for those who prefer a virtual setting.

Industry experts with unique perspectives are invited to join the program for their expertise and real-world experiences. Chosen for their ability to contribute meaningful dialogue, these guests are encouraged to speak freely and authentically, ensuring each contribution offers depth and genuine insight.

“With this program, we are giving industry professionals the chance to bring their unique stories, experiences, and expertise to life. We believe that by empowering experts to share their knowledge, we can collectively drive innovation and thought leadership across industries,” said Kelly Bebenek, Senior Director of Education at Meltwater.

Source: GlobeNewsWire

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