Four-ward momentum! MCE Systems earns four gold awards at the US Customer Experience Awards.

MCE Systems won four gold awards at the US Customer Experience Awards in the categories of “Best Use of AI”, “Best User Experience”, “Best Use of Customer Insight and Feedback”, and “Best Measurement in CX”. The four Gold awards made MCE the most recognized organization of the night. Other gold winners at the US CXA awards included Google, Cisco, Coca-Cola, the American Medical Association, and 24/7ai.

The US CXA awards, hosted by Awards International, are a globally acclaimed platform dedicated to honoring and celebrating exceptional CX initiatives across the United States. The awards recognize CX initiatives from all industries with leading participants across tech, healthcare, insurance, and consumer sectors.

The Gold awards for “Best Measurement in CX” and “Best Use of Customer Insight & Feedback” recognized MCE’s groundbreaking 23,000 telco end consumer survey and how the findings were applied to product development. Specifically, MCE transformed device-related CX by removing friction and uncertainty uncovered by the research. These efforts embody MCE’s motto: Mobilizing better Customer Experiences.

One of the most competitive categories of the event, “Best User Experience”, was awarded to MCE for its on-device diagnostics app. This app enables a new era of troubleshooting and issue resolution for mobile devices, deployed by telcos. The app also creates a frictionless experience for consumers through diagnostic tests that diagnose, pinpoint, and resolve device-related issues.

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The “Best Use of AI” recognized MCE for its advancements in applying Artificial Intelligence to solve customer friction across device-related journeys. MCE’s AI-led cosmetic grading capabilities and a perceptive AI-driven camera test empower game-changing trade-in experiences. Now, mobile operators can give a price guarantee while processing a trade-in in just three minutes for customers.

Almog Ben-Harosh, CTO and Co-Founder of MCE Systems, commented, “I am proud of the hard work of our product and technical teams. These awards, especially those for our AI solutions and User Experience, are a testament to MCE’s excellence in executing real solutions for real problems. But we don’t stop here; MCE will transform all traditional device lifecycle journeys into data-driven journeys boosted by AI.”

Jim Hudak, CSO of MCE Systems, commented, “This is an exciting time for MCE Systems. These awards follow a series of joint showcases with Amazon Web Services at MWC and GTC, demonstrating how DeviceAI paired with GenAI can revolutionize device care. Now, these awards add another endorsement showing that MCE is the premier provider for digital journey transformation for Telcos and their partners.”

Robert Hackl, CMO & Global President of MCE Systems, commented, “Wow. I am truly proud of the hard work done across every team at MCE Systems. This proves that our commitment to understanding the sources of friction, uncertainty, and distrust of the telco end customers pays off. With our industry-shaping research, we were able to not only identify what consumers needed but also develop solutions that directly attack these pain points.”

Source: BusinessWire

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