automotiveMastermind Introduces Enhancements to its Automated Sales & Marketing Platform to Help Dealers Sell Smarter & Connect with Customers

automotiveMastermind (aM), part of S&P Global Mobility and the leading provider of predictive analytics and marketing automation solutions for dealerships, has announced enhancements to its flagship automated sales and marketing platform, Mastermind, that will offer greater market insight, visibility into lease buyouts and new digital advertising options to improve how dealers connect and communicate with current and prospective customers.

The new enhancements give dealers the ability to access new advertising channels, integrate deeper with their technology stack and view comprehensive analytics and insights, which empowers them to better understand the market, streamline sales processes and make smarter business decisions. Combining predictive analytics to understand their customer base better and improve how dealers connect with them through hyper-relevant marketing gives business leaders a unique advantage to leverage their first-party data to drive positive business outcomes.

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“Dealers and OEMs have experienced unprecedented market conditions over the last few years,” said Aaron Baldwin, chief product officer at automotiveMastermind. “A great example is customers buying out their lease contracts instead of entering new lease agreements. We see buyouts north of 40% in most brands. With our expertise in predictive analytics, we recognized the opportunity for OEMs and dealers to take better control of their first-party data to enable them to proactively navigate difficult and varying macro-economic conditions.”

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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