Marchex® Engage for Automotive Completes Integration with Fortellis Marketplace

Engage for Automotive Continues to Advance in Automotive Space

Marchex, the award-winning AI-powered conversation intelligence company which helps businesses turn strategic insights into the actions that drive their most valued sales outcomes, announced that Marchex Engage for Automotive has integrated into the Fortellis Commerce Exchange Platform. This will empower automotive dealers to easily deploy Marchex’s conversation intelligence and provide a better customer experience by automatically delivering up-to-date conversations, events, and outcomes within CDK Elead CRM.

“We’re pleased to offer Marchex Engage for Automotive on the Fortellis platform and deliver extraordinary innovation to dealers”

Marchex conversation intelligence technologies provide improved efficiencies and productivity for dealership sales managers and salespeople. Dealers will automate data entry tasks by connecting the power of Marchex conversation intelligence to their customer maintenance records. This data synchronization enables dealers to have improved data hygiene and to create personalized services by tracking previous conversations for an enhanced customer experience and improved sales team performance.

Dealerships and sales teams can benefit on many fronts from the features and capabilities of Marchex Engage for Automotive. Engage unlocks the content of consumer-to-dealership conversations within CDK Elead CRM, enabling dealers to increase sales efficiency by taking the right actions needed to make the most of every opportunity, and sell more vehicles. Engage for Automotive enables dealers to:

  • Focus their sales team’s follow-up conversations on the best leads using Action Lists
  • Create deal-saving Action Alerts so a team specialist can save a lost sale after a conversation ends unsuccessfully
  • Drive accountability and ensure sellers follow up on leads
  • Have reality-based coaching discussions with sellers following recent sales conversations

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With the new Marchex integration, dealers can now:

  • Ensure that customer records within CDK Elead CRM are automatically updated with conversation events and outcomes
  • Click-to-call any phone number from within their CDK Elead CRM
  • More easily connect outbound calls from any phone, including mobile phones, without needing any special networking or integration of phones or softphones

“It’s both critical and invaluable for dealerships to easily capture and connect the details of customer conversations directly to their CRM,” said Matt Muilenburg, Marchex SVP, Automotive. “Fortellis is a standard-bearer in the industry and we are thrilled to add our conversation intelligence technology and application to their already robust offering.”

“We’re pleased to offer Marchex Engage for Automotive on the Fortellis platform and deliver extraordinary innovation to dealers,” said Sandy Orlando, SVP Data and Fortellis, CDK Global. “Leveraging the power of the Fortellis marketplace allows Marchex to be part of a growing platform creating products that are shaping the future of automotive retail.”

Fortellis is designed to connect automotive-retail processes with seamless ease and transparency. Dealers can subscribe to Marchex Engage from the Fortellis Marketplace here:

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