Tag Multimedia’s New Avatar Service Helps Small Business Make It Big in the Metaverse

TAG MultiMedia is focusing on helping small businesses explore what it means to chart their course in the next marketing landscape by leveraging the Metaverse.

TAG MultiMedia launched an exciting yet practical approach to this emerging space with conversational AI Avatars (CAI-Avatars). CAI-Avatars are trainable, digital entities that provide a branded customer service and sales prospecting experience to online users. It lives on a website and assists visitors with a humanized engagement offering immediate answers about products and services. This digital tool works 24/7/365, giving business owners the time to focus their efforts into other areas of their business.

To help business owners learn more about how CAI-Avatars are an effective tool, TAG MultiMedia is hosting an in-person and online event: THE METAVERSE AND YOUR BUSINESS at Bamboo Royal Oak in Royal Oak, Michigan on Thursday, May 19th from 3 pm-4 pm. This event is free of charge, but registration is required by visiting TAGMultiMedia.net to opt-in and receive a link to the presentation.

It essentially allows the business owner to be in two places at once.”

“Early adopters of this technology will reap the biggest rewards,” explained TAG President, Michelle Armstrong. “The more the avatar is engaged, the better it performs. Using it now on a website means it will be polished and ready to go so small businesses can have the first sales personas in the Metaverse.”

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CAI-Avatars engage visitors in a friendly, service-to-sale conversation, while saving business owners money by offsetting the cost of repeated employee training and coaching. Armstrong added that it also improves website performance and conversion rates. “It essentially allows the business owner to be in two places at once,” noted Armstrong.

Among some of the technologies that make this happen are Machine-Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Once trained with custom content, a unique code is generated and placed on the website. The proprietary software enables users to collect, organize, analyze, edit and automate data.

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