Rocketlane is First Customer Onboarding Software to Offer Native Forms for Seamless Data Collection

New capability will help customer-facing teams capture intake requests, handoff data, and feedback and convert the responses into actionable tasks

Rocketlane, a leader and innovator in customer onboarding, announced the addition of native forms to its platform. The intuitive feature will eliminate the need to use spreadsheets and third-party tools to collect data internally and from customers. Teams can set up rules to automatically turn responses into tasks, saving precious work time and ensuring no action item ever slips through the cracks.

Rocketlane’s form builder is highly configurable and customizable. Users can personalize respondents’ form-filling experience with custom headers, themes, and background; they can also leverage Branching to show the right follow-up questions based on conditional logic. The form builder comes with 15 preset field types including text, number and star ratings, supports attachments and custom fields, in addition to project and task fields.

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Some of the popular use cases Rocketlane’s Forms helps teams with are:

Intake requests: Collect hand-offs and work requests from internal teams and customers with precision.

Customer surveys: Solicit feedback throughout the customers’ journey without the hassles of third-party tools.

Data migration: Capture structured data and push it to external systems like CRM, HRMS, etc.

“A lot of data exchange happens internally and with customers throughout the onboarding journey and beyond. Unfortunately, today it is hard to scale creating and tracking copies of forms, documents, and spreadsheets per customer,” said Rocketlane co-founder Srikrishnan Ganesan. “Rocketlane’s Forms systematizes the way teams collect, view, and act on data. It will empower teams to use Rocketlane as a single source of truth for managing and keeping up with service requests, handoffs, and feedback responses at the macro and micro levels. More so, it fits well into Rocketlane’s suite of features and capabilities (project management, document collaboration, and communication) to provide an integrated onboarding experience to all.”

“Collecting structured data and feedback is crucial to the success of any customer onboarding program. With its native forms for data collection, Rocketlane continues to be a pioneer in this space,” said Atul Paul Chiramel, Vice President – Professional Services at LeadSquared, a Rocketlane customer. “Rocketlane Forms will help break away from fragmented data across tools, and automate actions in a way that will drive seamless execution and deliver better customer experience.”

Users can templatize forms to reuse them multiple times, across multiple projects. Forms are shareable as links or can be embedded in projects with responses coming directly into Rocketlane.

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