Alchemer Empowers Businesses to Understand and Act on Audience Thoughts and Feelings at Never-before-seen Scale and Speed

Alchemer, a global leader in customer feedback management and enterprise experience technology, announced Alchemer Pulse, empowering businesses to immediately analyze open text feedback for clear audience insights that can directly impact business results.

Alchemer Pulse was built specifically for customer experience (CX) and feedback programs, and this AI-driven solution empowers organizations to:

  • Understand how their audience thinks and feels – in their own words
  • Instantly turn qualitative feedback into trackable, actionable insights
  • Analyze and act on open text feedback faster than ever

Open text feedback is highly valuable to CX practitioners, marketers, product managers, and market researchers as customers use their own words to express their thoughts and feelings. Alchemer Pulse uncovers ideas and concepts that an organization may not think to ask, and it provides details that would be difficult to uncover in a structured survey.

“Alchemer Pulse has turned our research strategy on its head,” said John Pimm, Chief Operations Officer at International Research Consultants (IRC). “Now, I can free our respondents to write exactly what they want, and I can get exactly what I want out of it. Results are delivered in minutes and hours not days.”

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Historically, analyzing open text feedback has been difficult, requiring manual tagging and sorting of each response. The time and expense of the analysis often makes asking open-ended questions prohibitive when insights are needed at scale.

“Whether it’s from review sites, comments in surveys, or social posts, understanding unstructured customer feedback is difficult because of the volume, complexity, and nature of the data,” said David Roberts, CEO at Alchemer. “Alchemer Pulse takes the noise and turns it into very clear, understandable signals that, when acted upon, drive meaningful business results.”

Alchemer Pulse brings together free-form customer feedback from multiple sources including surveys, reviews, ratings from the App Store and Google Play, social media, and support tickets to quickly identify and quantify consistent themes. Using large language models (LLMs) and purpose-built AI, Pulse analyzes responses in real-time and presents results in streamlined dashboards with granular insights that allow businesses to respond to customer feedback faster.

Alchemer makes this possible for its customers through a strategic partnership with Chattermill, the leading CX intelligence platform. Alchemer is leveraging a decade of expertise in large language models (LLMs) that are purpose-built to understand unstructured feedback at scale. Alchemer Pulse is specifically developed for Alchemer customers’ industries and feedback programs, run against customers’ defined data sets. Its focus is powerful and the potential for Alchemer customers is limitless.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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