Cellcom Selected Anodot’s Zero Touch Solution to Boost Service Availability and Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience

Anodot enables Cellcom to identify and remediate network issues before they impact the customer experience while improving operational performance

Anodot, the autonomous business monitoring company, announced that Cellcom Israel, a leading communications service provider in Israel, has selected Anodot’s end-to-end zero touch network monitoring solution to improve service availability and provide early detection of potential network issues before they impact the customer experience. Anodot’s real-time autonomous monitoring platform will enable Cellcom to maintain a high level of network performance and deliver a broad range of services.

“Today’s users expect the highest level of service with no downtime”

With new technologies like 5G being introduced, and new service offerings enabled by this, communication networks are becoming increasingly complex to manage and monitor. Today’s communication service providers are expected to handle, manage, optimize, monitor and troubleshoot multi-technology, multi-service and multi-vendor networks. The biggest challenge is balancing the innovation that pushes for new technologies and services with the need to provide robust, high quality products and services. Using Anodot’s end-to-end zero touch network monitoring solution, Cellcom can reduce the time it takes to detect and resolve potential network issues, keeping customer satisfaction high and reducing the operational costs of maintaining its network.

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“Today’s users expect the highest level of service with no downtime,” said Yaniv Koriat, CTO & VP technologies, Cellcom. “With Anodot’s real-time monitoring, we are convinced we will drive high levels of service availability, improving the experience for our subscribers across a variety of services. Anodot will help increased network visibility, helping us quickly detect and remediate potential problems, which will provide unparalleled levels of customer service and save operational costs.”

“CSPs are just starting to deploy a range of emerging technologies that will provide more services to their customers,” said David Drai, CEO, Anodot. “Customers have high expectations, little patience for network failure, and customer churn is a real concern for operators. To keep customers happy, CSPs need to identify potential service issues as quickly as possible. Early and accurate visibility into network blindspots means fewer truck rolls and improved operational expenses.”

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