Introducing Sophie AI, TechSee’s MultiSensory Virtual Agent for Customer Service

TechSee, the leading company for remote visual experiences, announces that it has launched Sophie AI, the first MultiSensory AI Agent for customer service. Sophie AI is designed to deliver human-like experiences that bring exceptional CX at a fraction of the cost. Fully customizable and adaptable to any brand or business, it provides the ‘brain’ to humanize automated customer service interactions. To create Sophie AI, TechSee collaborated with key design partners around the world, working closely to understand the needs and challenges of enterprise corporations, including TechSee’s first launch partner, Resideo Technologies, the global provider of Honeywell Home smart thermostats and First Alert solutions that provide home comfort, life safety and security to over 150 million homes globally.

Sophie AI is a blend of advanced technologies including Generative AI, LLM, Computer Vision AI, Augmented Reality, and voice and sentiment analysis packaged into a virtual agent that can see, hear, talk, understand, guide, and instruct both customers and agents.

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Sophie AI is designed specifically for the service industry to handle any type of interaction, with the ability to understand visual, voice, and text and deliver automated service without compromising on customer satisfaction. In addition, it can be deployed inside any existing communication channel, including phone, web, message, video, and social. Bringing unlimited scale to service teams. Sophie AI continuously learns and evolves by pulling data from live customer and agent interactions.

Sophie’s MultiSensory AI will help service leaders:

  1. Resolve customer issues instantly: Sophie understands and responds to customer queries in natural language, using visual automation to see problems and guide users to full resolution.
  2. Provide intuitive customer service: Sophie situationally uses text, voice, and visuals to understand context and answer customer questions more accurately than traditional interactions.
  3. Achieve a faster path to Generative AI training, for timely impact: Text-only AI can take a great deal of time and effort to train and optimize. Sophie AI uses a fusion of securely uploaded and observed text and visual service data to accelerate AI time-to-market.

Eitan Cohen, CEO of TechSee said, “Sophie AI is a breakthrough for service teams, helping enterprises achieve much more with less. Gone are the days with a limit on the number of agents you can train and deploy. We have harnessed the power of visual, LLM, and voice AI to create the first truly MultiSensory AI agent.” He added: “With increasing pressure to provide flawless CX experiences to customers with limited resources, Sophie is a game-changer for organizations that need to scale their efforts in a way that is cost-efficient but doesn’t compromise on an exceptional service experience for the customer.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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