Zappix and Vee24 Partner to Revolutionize Digital Customer Service

Zappix, a leading provider of AI-powered Digital Engagement Platform, announced a strategic partnership with Vee24, a leader in transforming digital customer engagement. This collaboration signifies a notable advancement in customer service technology, as Zappix integrates Vee24’s cutting-edge co-browsing, screen sharing, and video chat functionalities into its Digital Agent Assist solution.

The alliance between Zappix and Vee24 underscores a dedicated effort to revolutionize customer interactions during agent engagements. Leveraging Vee24’s state-of-the-art technologies, Zappix’s Digital Agent Assist solution now offers enhanced capabilities, ensuring tailored assistance for customers across diverse touchpoints.

Through co-browsing and screen sharing, agents gain real-time visibility into customers’ screens, empowering them to offer precise guidance and support. Furthermore, the inclusion of video chat enables agents to interact more effectively, adeptly guiding customers through intricate processes and troubleshooting challenges in real-time.

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“We are thrilled to partner with Vee24 to further enhance our Digital Agent Assist solution,” said Yossi Abraham, President and CEO of Zappix. “This collaboration allows us to expand our capabilities and deliver even greater value to our customers by providing seamless and personalized assistance across multiple channels.”

Vee24 is excited to partner with Zappix to provide businesses with a more comprehensive digital customer service solution,” said Tomer Azenkot, CEO of Vee24. “By combining our expertise in co-browsing, screen sharing, and video chat with Zappix’s Digital Agent Assist platform, we can empower agents to resolve customer issues faster and more efficiently.”

Zappix provides an AI-Powered Digital Engagement Platform. Zappix transforms the user journey during customer service interactions – engaging through Digital Outreach, deflecting inbound inquiries using Digital Self-service (Visual IVR), and optimizing agents’ activities using Digital Agent Assist. The cloud-based platform enables workflow automation, rapid developments, and integration to back-end systems and provides an actionable Analytics Suite. The Zappix solution provides significant benefits and ROI: reducing costs by increasing containment rates for contact centers, improving customer experience and Net Promoter Score (NPS), creating new revenue opportunities using targeted promotional banners, and automating revenue-generating use cases.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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