Forter Brings Enhanced Visualization, Control and Insights to Fraud and Payments Teams

Forter, the Trust Platform for digital commerce, announced new product enhancements to Forter Data Studio that will enable fraud and payments teams to create custom dashboards for added insight, control and visualization.

As customer expectations grow, the need for merchants to secure customer loyalty and drive lifetime value intensifies. But too often those merchants lack consolidated, actionable customer and payment data, and struggle to discern needed risk and performance insights. There’s a clear need for a single source of truth to discover learnings that influence important metrics, such as approval rate, chargeback rate, conversion rate, and more.

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Expanded Forter Data Studio capabilities make it easy for merchants to delve deeper into their data and customize reporting. Merchants can use self-service dashboards to surface insights and make better business decisions, such as:

  • Review their declined transactions by segments to find problematic areas for improvement.
  • Track losses due to customer abuse (such as item-not-received, returns, etc.) to determine if policies should be changed to minimize loss.
  • Optimize authorization rates based on processor performance.

“The data that Forter manages for customers can be used to drive business impact—increasing revenue, driving customer lifetime value, informing new services and more. So, it’s critical that our customers have ready access to that data through the Forter Data Studio,” said Eran Vanounou, chief technology officer, Forter. “These latest enhancements make it easier for our customers to access, interpret and visualize that data—and they open up exciting new avenues for us to offer more value via our expertise in artificial intelligence.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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