Xero Shoes Realigns Its Brand Using Innovative Technology

The Boulder, Colorado-based shoe manufacturer utilizes BrandTruth’s newly announced, online and AI-driven branding platform

BrandTruth®, a SaaS company based in Denver, CO, proudly announces that preeminent, barefoot-inspired footwear manufacturer Xero Shoes has signed on as a customer and completed the BrandTruth brand discovery process to drive its brand forward. Xero Shoes is especially pleased that by using the BrandTruth tool, it could include most of its employees in the effortless process, thus boosting brand efficacy through greater company-wide participation.

“The fact we could include all employees was important to the process in order to get buy-in with the direction of the brand personality into the future,” says Bryan Kimbell, Director of Marketing at Xero Shoes. “BrandTruth updates the outdated brand workshop process and makes it accessible to the entire company at a pace the company can manage and a price that is reasonable.”

The BrandTruth platform employs innovative technology, proven psychology, and artificial intelligence to create one collective statement backed by a corporate team. BrandTruth changes the tried-and-true brand development exercise, which typically takes time and money and relies on just a small sample of employee feedback. Using the platform expands the number of employees answering the Five Factor Personality Model questionnaires, creating a truer brand essence with greater agreement from the entire corporation.

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Following brand discovery, the BrandTruth portal will unveil management tools such as text and image analyzers as well as apps to determine the psychological reaction to the new brand. Artificial intelligence drives this important part of brand development and can direct a company’s action for activities such as ad spending.

“The process went very smoothly, and the result provided the branding guidance we were looking for in order to complete our brand standards guide and share that document with our partners,” says Kimbell.

“The tool thoughtfully guided the Xero Shoes team through brand development the way we envisioned the tool’s operation,” says Shane George, CEO at BrandTruth. “By including a majority of its employees in the brand discovery process, Xero Shoes truly democratized their brand. That’s a key benefit of our platform.”

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