3radical’s 2022 Consumer Survey Report Uncovers Attitudes About Data Collection Practices and Personalization


The annual report shares insights from shoppers to help brands improve customer experiences in 2022

3radical, the leader in audience engagement and consented data solutions, announces the launch of its annual consumer survey report. As consumers become increasingly aware of the value of their personal data, this report uncovers the gaps between consumer expectation and personalized brand experiences, and then goes further to help brands understand these implications.

3radical’s 2022 Consumer Survey Report focuses on the efficacy of the experience brands are providing. We surveyed consumers in the US, UK, and Singapore immediately after the 2021 holiday period in order to capture sentiment toward their digital shopping experiences while it was still fresh in their minds. Based on responses, the findings are stark as consumers are frustrated with irrelevant communications and impersonal offers, and are not willing to share their data if they’re not getting something of value in exchange. The bottom line is brands still need to master delivering the right message at the right time and place to the right person.

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Key Findings:

  • Only 18% of survey respondents strongly believe they receive customized recommendations based on personal information they shared
  • While 52% of respondents stated a sense of frustration from receiving communications and offers not relevant to them
  • And 65% of consumers surveyed feel they actively receive irrelevant offers
  • 42% of respondents would be less inclined to shop with brands that did not extend tailored communications
  • However, 54% would exchange their data for tailored offers and promotions
  • 84% prefer brands to be more open and transparent about the information they collect and how they plan to use it
  • While 74% were comfortable sharing demographic data – age/gender, 23% of respondents were actively uncomfortable sharing their contact details

“Interestingly, consumers are 12.4% less interested in cash rewards than they were a year ago and more interested in ‘Personalized Promotions’ and ‘A More Personalized Shopping Experience’,” says Michael D. Fisher, CEO, 3radical. “This is significant enough for brands to take note; while new customers may be brought in with discounts or rewards, retaining these customers will be all about the personalized experience.”

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