Glance recognized in the 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Digital Customer Service and Support report

Glance, the leader in Guided CX software, is delighted to announce its second consecutive recognition in the Gartner Market Guide for Digital Customer Service and Support. According to the report, “Digital customer service offerings focus on seamless conversation orchestration across digital channels complementing, or in some cases replacing, traditional customer service platforms. Customer service and support technology leaders can use this Market Guide to evaluate vendors in this market.”

The Glance Guided CX platform brings human connection into digital spaces, allowing representatives and customers to connect in seamless, in-brand collaboration in real time. It extends beyond cobrowse and screen-share capabilities into multi-participant video sessions, document share, remote assistance, mobile app sharing, and mobile camera sharing. Glance brings human guidance to life on any digital property, including websites, member portals, personal accounts, and mobile apps.

The 2023 Gartner report recommends, “Create a cross-functional virtual team of technical and business leaders to determine future technology requirements and create a roadmap against which existing providers can be assessed for a multiyear transition to an all-digital customer service initiative.”

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David Butler, SVP of Product and Strategy at Glance, explained, “Glance directly addresses the challenge customers face in today’s digital CX channels. Customers on your website or mobile app shouldn’t have to switch channels to get help. With Glance, companies’ websites and mobile apps serve as entry points to human-guided interactions without the need for customers to leave the digital context they’re already in; customers and company representatives can connect face to face. Glance excels at high-touch moments that are critical to helping customers to help them achieve their goals.”

Enterprises with strong customer relationships strategically deploy Glance throughout their customer journey, even with diverse CCaaS, CRMs, or CEC systems in place. Glance easily integrates with existing tech stacks to deliver a consistent experience for company representatives and a unified personal experience for customers across otherwise disparate journeys.

Tom Martin, CEO of Glance, reflected on this achievement: “We believe that our inclusion in the Gartner Market Guide for Digital Customer Service and Support reaffirms the critical role Guided CX plays in the future of digital customer experiences. We’re thrilled to be recognized as a Representative Vendor in this space. In an era where smooth transitions from self-service to human-assisted interactions are essential, Glance provides a frictionless path for customers and company representatives. We believe in the power of human connection, and, in our view, this Gartner recognition reinforces our commitment to shaping the future of digital CX.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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