Temco Logistics Delivers Superior Customer Service with Sangoma

Sangoma’s Contact Center leverages the power of cloud communications to streamline workflows, manage high-volume calling and enhance overall user experience

Sangoma Technologies Corporation, a trusted leader in delivering cloud-based Communications as a Service solutions for companies of all sizes, recently added Temco Logistics, a premier, white glove solutions provider delivering and installing home goods since 1968, as a happy customer to the Sangoma family. Together with their partner, Southern California Technology Solutions, Sangoma was able to provide Temco with the communications infrastructure their business needed to meet growing customer demands while saving money and reducing complexities in the process.

As Temco’s business was growing, they were finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with customer communications. That challenge was further compounded by the lack of reliable and flexible Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions for their industry. Temco’s previous system lacked stability, could not handle their massive call volumes, and was difficult to use due to inflexible queues.

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To solve these problems, Temco switched to Sangoma’s Contact Center and dramatically improved their customer service capabilities as well as overall agent experience with the platform.

“Communication [with Sangoma] is outstanding. From sales to support they always address my concerns and act quickly on them,” said Rob Fiedler, Director of Customer Experience at Temco Logistics. “This system is proving to be one of the best I have ever used in my 15 years of managing call centers. I have worked with systems that were far more expensive but did not have the functionality and stability of Contact Center. The initial startup cost was significantly less than other systems I have deployed. The monthly costs have enabled me to keep my costs lower than most BPO options, while still being able to provide world class service.”

Other highlights from their experience with Sangoma:

  • Temco was impressed with the ease of operation, intuitive user interface, and high value reporting capabilities included with the Contact Center platform
  • Contact Center could handle their call volumes with ease, which averaged 20,000 to 40,000 calls a month, and as many as 91,000 calls during sales events
  • Temco loves the ability to build and use new queues on the same day, switch queues on the fly, and answer on-hold customer calls using the call back feature
  • Temco saved $40,000 on annual labo

r costs, $20,000 on annual phone costs, and were able to offer remote work options to 45% of staff, which saved them even more in overhead costs

“Our cloud-based Contact Center solution was designed to solve the most complex communications and customer service challenges while still being easy to use,” said Jim Machi, Chief Product and Marketing Officer of Sangoma. “We are proud to offer this solution to customers like Temco Logistics who can benefit from the intuitive design, flexible queues, and our end-to-end support.”

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